How to Disable Friend Activity on Shopee – To activate and deactivate Friend Activity on Shopee, of course it can be done if you don’t want to share your activities on the Shopee application.

Shopee also has the following rules regarding Friend Activity, purchases of sensitive products will not be shared on any page, including Friend Activity.

Sensitive product categories will not be shared including (but not limited to) Underwear, Sanitary Products, Medical and Nutritional Supplements, and Specialty Equipment. Then products with sensitive words, such as Health, Medical Conditions, Clothing (Example: Underwear), Adult Products, Sexual and political things are also not displayed and will not be seen by friends.

Here’s how to remove Friend Activity on Shopee:

How to Disable Friend Activity on Shopee

  • Open the Shopee app
  • Click the Chat menu in the upper corner
  • Select the Friend Activity menu
  • Click Friend Activity Settings
  • Select the Disable Friend Activity feature button
  • Click Yes, Disable

In addition to deactivating, users can activate friend activities as follows.

How to Activate Friend Activity on Shopee

  1. Open the Shopee app
  2. Click the Chat menu in the top corner
  3. Select Friend Activity feature
  4. Click Friend Activity Settings
  5. Select Activate Now

So you don’t have to worry about activities when using the Shopee application.

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