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Testing the Crash Detection Feature on iPhone 14 Pro – The iPhone 14 series was tested with the Crash Detection feature by a YouTube Tech, with real testing.

Known to TechRax, through the YouTube channel tested a car with a controller to make a collision with another car. The iPhone 14 Pro cell phone attached with tape is on.

The first and second tests are via 6:72 second video, the Crash Detection feature works as intended, and makes an SOS call that can be canceled when you don’t need emergency help or SOS.

How Crash Detection works on iPhone 14

When your iPhone detects a severe car crash, it displays an alert and will automatically initiate an emergency phone call after 20 seconds unless cancelled.

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When you don’t respond, iPhone plays an audio message for emergency services, notifying them that you’ve had a serious accident and giving them latitude and longitude coordinates with an approximate search radius.

How to enable Crash Detection on iPhone 14

According to Apple’s description, Crash Detection is on by default, but if you want to disable it. Go to Settings – Emergency SOS, then turn off Call After Severe Crash.

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