FIX, Why the Laptop Battery Not Charging (Plugged in charging) – There are several ways to fix, why a laptop battery won’t charge when you need it most.

This laptop battery not charging problem is a frequent occurrence, possibly making you worry whether the laptop has been damaged even though it was just purchased, for example.

How to fix, Laptop Battery Not Charging:

Check Charger Port

Make sure the cable with the charger port is properly connected, you can press until it is completely connected.

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Check Plugs

It’s possible that the power plug is damaged which you need to check first.

Check Charger

Check the charger, including the cable, which could be disconnected for several reasons such as being less durable and so on.

Check Laptop Battery

You can check, whether the laptop battery is really installed. You can use a technician so that other damage to the laptop does not occur.

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Driver Updates

Open the Device Manager menu and look for Batteries. Usually, there are three entries, right click on each entry, select the Properties – Driver tab, and click Update Driver. You can restart the laptop and try charging the laptop again.

That’s how to solve the problem, the laptop battery does not charge.

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