Tecnology NewsHow to Mute on WhatsApp for Group Calls

How to Mute on WhatsApp for Group Calls

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Now WhatsApp application users can mute voice calls in group calls.

The mute feature in WhatsApp group calls, is very useful when one of the participants is noisy in the WhatsApp group call. The Whatsapp group call mute feature is available on the latest version of the Android and Whatsapp iOS applications.

Here’s how to mute on WhatsApp for group calls:

  1. Make a group call on WhatsApp
  2. Click and hold on one of the call group member columns
  3. Select “Mute” to mute the sound
    mute whatsapp group call
    mute whatsapp group call
  4. Select “Message” to send a message directly to the contact

That’s how to mute the voice in the WhatsApp group call application.

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