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Tecnology News4 Search Engines Other Than Google, Last Still New

4 Search Engines Other Than Google, Last Still New

KingdomTaurusNews.com – To get large amounts of information, internet users often rely on search engines or search engines.

Search engines will display the source according to what you are looking for, from the millions of sites listed on their service. Through the Webmaster page, website managers can manage the information they will share through search engines so that it can be used by internet users.

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Besides Google, it turns out that there are several other popular search engines to make it easier for you to find more detailed information on the internet.

List of Search Engines Other Than Google


Bing – Microsoft

Microsoft Bing is a web search engine from Microsoft. Bing is a form of reincarnation by Microsoft for its three previous search engines, namely Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search.

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Baidu founded on January 18, 2000 is a web service company headquartered on the Baidu Campus located in Haidian District, Beijing, China. Baidu offers various facilities, including a search engine for websites, audio files and images in Chinese characters


Yandex LLC is a multinational company primarily for Russian-speaking users, providing 70 Internet-related products and services, including transportation, search and information services, e-commerce, navigation, mobile applications and online advertising.

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Petal Search – Huawei

Petal Search is a worldwide search engine, developed by Huawei in the second half of 2020, available on mobile and desktop platforms. Inspired by the Huawei logo, the search engine was named Petal like a flower petal.

Are you interested in the four search engines above?. So, whether Indonesia, can have their own search engine?. 🙂

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