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Tecnology NewsHow to Play Dinosaur Games on Google Chrome Android and PC

How to Play Dinosaur Games on Google Chrome Android and PC

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How to play Dinosaur games on Google Chrome or Chrome Dino – Dinosaur Game is a default game from Google’s Chrome browser, which can be played without internet or offline.

Dinosaur Games in Chrome browser has a pixel dinosaur shaped game, besides being able to be played offline. Players will also get a score that will be stored in the browser with various obstacles in the form of pixels. Here’s how to play dinosaur games on Chrome browser Android and PC.

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How to Play Dinosaur Games on Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome Browser on Android or PC
    google chrome
    google chrome
  2. Turn off internet connection
  3. In the Search Google column or type arl
  4. Type KingdomTaurusNews.com
  5. Click ok or enter
  6. Click on the screen to start the game
  7. Click the screen to make the dinosaur jump over the obstacles
  8. On PC, just use the space on the keyboard
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The longer you last, the higher the score and the dinosaurs will run faster with the obstacles in front of them.

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