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Tecnology NewsHow to Create NGL.LINK on Instagram Stories/Story

How to Create NGL.LINK on Instagram Stories/Story

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How to create NGL.LINK in Instagram stories/story – NGL.LINK is an anonymous Q&A service that can be used and shared to your Instagram Stories.

When your followers on Instagram click the NGL.LINK link in the Story, they can ask questions anonymously and of course this is very interesting to try.

NGL.LINK can be used by Android and iPhone users through applications available in the official app store on your device. Here’s how to make NGL.LINK on Instagram stories/story.

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  1. Download the NGL app: Anonymous q&a on PlayStore or AppStore
  2. Open the NGL app
  3. Click Get Questions!
    NGL.LINK Instagram
    NGL.LINK Instagram
  4. In the “What’s your Instagram handle” column, type your Instagram username
  5. Click Done
  6. Click “Copy Link” in step 1
    NGL.LINK Instagram
    NGL.LINK Instagram
  7. Click Share in step 2
  8. Follow the instructions that appear
    NGL.LINK Instagram
    NGL.LINK Instagram
  9. Post to your Instagram Story
  10. Open the NGL app
  11. Open the INBOX menu at the top
  12. Click the Email Love icon
  13. Click Reply
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That’s how to make NGL.LINK on Instagram, to get Q&A from your followers. If no followers have asked questions, the INBOX menu will be empty.

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