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Tecnology NewsWe Release Al-Quran Online with Translation and Audio

We Release Al-Quran Online with Translation and Audio

KingdomTaurusNews.com – As the author and developer of the KingdomTaurusNews.com website, I intend and have released a special site for you to read and listen to free recitations of the Quran online.

You can access the https://alquran.kingdomtaurusnews.com/ site through a browser, and of course requires a stable internet connection. There are readings from several clerics and religious leaders that you may know.

The menu on the site is quite easy to use starting from the selection of languages ​​from Indonesian, English, Malaysian, and other languages. As well as Arabic script that you should be able to see and read, comfortably with the font that has been adjusted.

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If you intend to help the site, stay online so that it can accommodate the number of users each day. You can donate and contact us, at [email protected] for server maintenance and repair.

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