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Be careful, Malware “more_eggs” in Job Application File

KingdomTaurusNews.com – There is Malware in the job application file, the word malware may be familiar. Recently, via tweet @CCICPolri shared a thread regarding malware being sent in fake job application files..

The malware was sent through a fake Curriculum Vitae (CV) received from job vacancies information on LinkedIn. A new phishing sender, the more_eggs malware has been observed attacking company hiring managers with fake resumes as an infection vector.

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A cybersecurity firm from Canada, has identified four separate incidents. Targeted entities include US-based aerospace companies, UK-based accounting businesses, law firms, and staffing agencies in Canada.

The modus operandi referred to by the perpetrator is not clearly known. This was in light of the fact that the intrusion was stopped before they could carry out their plan.

Be aware that more_eggs can be used as a starting point for information theft and ransomware attacks.

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