How to Make TikTok Avatars, Fun! – How to create an Avatar on TikTok – The TikTok application has launched a 3D Avatar feature that can be used in uploading TikTok videos and photos.

The avatar feature on TikTok is quite different from Instagram and Snapchat. After launching globally, some users including Indonesia can try to make Avatar in TikTok application.

How to Create TikTok Avatars

  1. Update and open the TikTok app
  2. Click the + post icon
  3. Click the Effects menu at the bottom left
  4. In the magnifying glass icon search field, type “TikTok Avatars”
    tiktok avatars
    tiktok avatars
  5. Choose an avatar template
  6. To create a new avatar click the “+” option
    tiktok avatars
    tiktok avatars
  7. On the “create a TikTok Avatar” page
  8. Choose one of the attractive avatar templates
  9. Then the user can adjust the skin color, head, eyes, nose, accessories and more
  10. Click “done” to save
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That’s how to make Avatar in TikTok app, your Avatar is ready to use now.

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