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How to Set Margins in Microsoft Word

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How to set margins in Microsoft Word – For those of you students who are confused about changing or adjusting Microsoft Word margins, when creating scientific papers there is an easy way that can be followed.

What are Margins in Microsoft Word

Margins are empty areas that are at the edges of the paper in a document at the top, bottom, right and left that can be adjusted.

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How to Set Margins in Microsoft Word

  1. Open the Microsoft Word application.
  2. Open your document.
  3. Click the Page Layout menu.
  4. Select menu Margins – Custom Margins.
    margins microsoft word
    margins microsoft word
  5. Set the Microsoft Word Margins Top: 4 cm , Left: 4 cm , Bottom: 3 cm , and Right: 3 cm.
  6. Click OK

After clicking ok, the margins in the MS Word application document will be 4cm, 4cm, 3cm and 3cm.

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