How to Lock Samsung 4G LTE Band Signal – How to Lock 4G / 5G Band Signal on Samsung – You are a Samsung user, you can choose to only use 4G LTE Band (b1.b3.b5.b7.b8.b20.b40) or 5G, because 3G may not be used again.

Locking the carrier network frequency on Samsung can be done easily, for those of you who are beginners or don’t understand at all.

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How to Lock Samsung 4G / 5G Band Signal

  1. Open PlayStore
  2. Download the Samsung Band Selection app
  3. Open the app
  4. Select “Launch Band Selection”
  5. There are three menu options, when you click on the third row at the top left
  6. First, Network Mode
  7. Second, Band Selection
  8. Third 5G MSTC
    samsung band selection
    samsung band selection
  9. In Band Selection, you can select the LTE band and then click the SELECTION button
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Please note, not all regions support the same band, if there is no signal in the cell phone bar, you can be sure that the selected band does not reach your area.

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