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Tecnology NewsHow to Fix TV Remote Not Working and Responding

How to Fix TV Remote Not Working and Responding

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How to Fix TV Remote Not Working and Responding – There are several ways to do an easy check for those of you who are using a TV remote and are having problems.

There are several causes of a TV remote that doesn’t respond, possibly a damaged battery or remote body. Here’s how to fix the TV remote not working and responding.

Check TV remote battery

The first way the TV remote doesn’t work, it’s possible that the battery used can’t be reused, you can replace it with a new battery.

Check the sensor on the TV remote

You will see a sensor at the end of the TV remote like an LED light, to check use a digital camera that is pointed at the sensor when the button on the TV remote is pressed.

If a white light appears, it’s a sign that your TV remote isn’t faulty, it’s possible that the receiver on your TV is faulty. Make sure to use an unused cellphone camera, so as not to damage your camera.

You can replace the sensor with a new one by using solder and electronic lead.

Clean the TV remote

You can clean the body on the TV remote, including the place on the battery from rust if it has been used for too long.

Take it to electronic service

Although now many users are choosing a new device, it wouldn’t hurt you to try to check in more detail whether your TV remote is not responding.

Do you understand how to fix TV Remote not responding.

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