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What is the Best Eye-to-Monitor Distance

KingdomTaurusNews.com – It may be difficult for some people to determine the distance from the eye to the monitor. There are many opinions, and here is an explanation of the viewing distance to the monitor.

Use when looking at the monitor is recommended, to avoid eye or neck strain by sitting too close and not to injure the neck muscles by moving the head from left to right repeatedly.

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Reporting from Benq, the viewing distance depends on the field of vision or FOV and the size of the monitor. According to experts, the average human has an FOV of 140 degrees and studies show perfect vision can see details as small as 1/60 degree.

To find the best viewing distance by trial, when you need to lean back and squint to see details, then you’re sitting too far away.

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If you’re constantly turning your head from side to side to focus on details, then you’re sitting too close.
When the entire screen fits into your field of vision comfortably, you’re in the right seat.

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