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How to Track a Lost Xiaomi Smartphone, Latest

KingdomTaurusNews.com – How to Track a Lost Xiaomi Smartphone – If you are a Xiaomi smartphone user and are afraid that the phone is lost and cannot be found.

Apparently, Xiaomi has provided users with the “Search Device” feature. This useful feature, can track a lost Xiaomi smartphone if you have activated it.

How to Track a Lost Xiaomi Smartphone

  1. Open Settings .
  2. Select Mi Account.
  3. Select Xiaomi Cloud.
  4. Then select “Search for Devices”.
  5. Enable existing features – click Give.
  6. Enter the Mi account password.
  7. Open i.mi.com in a browser.
  8. Sign in to your Mi account.
  9. Click the “Search Device” menu.
  10. Information will appear where the missing Xiaomi smartphone device is located.
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You can also use the Google find my device application, which will ask for an email connected to the Xiaomi smartphone, to search for a lost Xiaomi cellphone.

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