How to Check Toll Prices on Google Map, Latest Today – Users can check toll prices on Google Map in today’s latest version of the Map application, which is available on Android Play Store or iOS App Store phones/smartphones starting April 2022.

The latest version of Google Maps to make it easier for users to organize trips and can provide an estimated toll price before arriving at their destination, through trusted information from the local toll authority.

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How to Check Toll Prices on Google Map

  1. Update the Google Maps app
  2. Open the Google Maps app
  3. Arrange travel routes from and to where
    Toll Google Map
    Toll Google Map
  4. A round icon will appear1
  5. Click the icon
    Toll Google Map
    Toll Google Map


  6. How much toll rates will appear on Google map

According to a report from Google, you’ll start seeing toll prices on Android and iOS this month for nearly 2000 toll roads in the US, India, Japan and Indonesia with more countries coming soon.

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