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Roblox Admin Commands: List and How (Update)

KingdomTaurusNews.com – When creating games on ROBLOX, several commands are used, known as “Roblox Admin Commands” that you enter into a chat.

How to use Admin Commands on ROBLOX

You must have access to Admin commands by entering the chat box (press “/“ key) and then entering “;cmd” and then hitting enter. If you have access, you can enter a different set of Commands.

Here’s a list of Roblox Admin Commands:

;Admin – You use this to allow other players to be admins.
;Bighead – If you hit this command, the other player’s head will go big.
;Control – You can control other players. They may feel like being hacked somehow.
;Explode – Another player will explode in no time.
;Ff – Your player will have a force field around.
;Fire – A fire will start around your player.
;Fix – Got a broker script? This command will fix it.
;Fly – Do you want to fly? Give this command a try.
;Freeze – It instantly freezes out other players in a specific time span.
;Givetools – An instant way to get a starter pack for playing Roblox.
;God Mode – It allows you to play god. You won’t get killed and deadly.
;Invisible – The command to disappear like a ninja.
;Jail – Depending on the game, the player will be in jail.
;Jump – It gives the ability to jump.
;Kick – A shortcut to kick and ban other players from the game.
;Kill – Killing a player shortly.
;Loopkill – Instantly kills other players in a loop.
;Merge – This makes a player merge with another. It’s just a funny command.
;MiniHead – Trolling other players by making their heads bigger.
;Normal – Reverses all commands.
;Rainbowify – Turns a player into a rainbow.
;Removetools – Make the player’s tools disappear.
;Removelimbs – As literal as removing their limbs.
;Respawn – Summons the dead.
;Sit – Selected players may sit forcefully.
;Smoke – Smoke will circulate around them.
;Sparkles – Brings sparks to your player.
;Stun – Selected players will be unable to do anything.
;Trip – Stop the player trip immediately.
;Unadmin – Selected players won’t be able to use any command script.
;Unff – The force field will disappear.
;UnFire – Remove the fire.
;Unfly – Selected players won’t fly anymore.
;UnGodMode – No playing god anymore.
;Unjail – Releases the player from jail.
;Unsmoke – The smoke will disappear.
;Unstun – Reverses the stun spell.
;Visible – Get rid of the invisible command.
;Zombify – Selected players will become zombies and kill others with viruses.

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Thus the list of Admin Commands on Roblox, which you can try to use.

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