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How to Fix, Asus Laptop Battery Stuck at 80% or Limit Battery Charging to 80%

KingdomTaurusNews.com – If you are having problems with your Asus laptop battery stops charging to 60% or 80%. Make sure not to set the charging mode in ASUS Battery Health Charging.

Why is the Asus laptop battery not fully charged?

ASUS Battery Health Charging which functions to protect the battery, regulates the maximum power of your battery at ROSC (Relative State Of Charge) to extend battery life.

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asus Battery Health Charging
asus Battery Health Charging

Three modes of ASUS Battery Health Charging:

  1. Full Capacity Mode: Battery can be charged 100%.
  2. Balance Mode: Battery can be charged 80%.
  3. Maximum lifespan mode: Battery only allows to be charged 60%.

You can press Windows key + S, then search for “Asus Battery Health Charging”. Set the Asus battery mode you want from Full Capacity Mode, Balance Mode, and Maximum lifespan mode.

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