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Tecnology News44 Shortcut Keys for Blender, List Command

44 Shortcut Keys for Blender, List Command

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Blender software functions as 3D modeling, which can be run on a PC/laptop with cool features to create animations, and more. Blender undergoes updates from year to year with very high usage interest. In addition, the blender software is also free to use without the need for a subscription fee.

Here’s a list of 44 Blender Shortcut Keys:

  1. TAB key – Function to change between “edit mode” and “object select mode”.
  2. “O” key – Function to enable “proportional vertex editing” in “edit mode”.
  3. “A” key – Function to select all vertices contained in an object.
  4. “B” key – Function to select multiple objects using windows drag.
  5. Space bar – Serves to display the tool menu.
  6. Number pad – Used to control the view. “7” for “top”, “1” for “front”, “3” for “side”, “0” for “camera”, “5” for “perspective”, “.” To zoom in on the selected object, “+” and “-“ to zoom in or out.
  7. Mouse – Left click to change, Right click to select, Middle click or scroll to enlarge and rotate view.
  8. Shift key – Used to select more than one object by holding down the Shift key and right-clicking.
  9. Arrow key – Used to create frames in an animation.
  10. “R” key – Function to rotate an object or vertices.
  11. “S” key – Used to set the scale of an object or vertices.
  12. “G” key – Function to move an object or vertices.
  13. “P” key – Serves to separate the selected vertices into an object in “edit mode”.
  14. Shift + “D” – Function to duplicate an object or vertices.
  15. “E” key – Function to extrude the selected vertices in “edit mode”.
  16. “U” key – In “object mode” it functions to display the Single-User menu, while in “edit mode” it functions as “undo”.
  17. “M” key – Function to move object to another layer. In “edit mode” it functions as “Mirror”.
  18. “Z” key – Function to change the view from wireframe to solid.
  19. Alt + “Z” – Function to change the view texture or translucent.
  20. “P” key – Function to start game mode.
  21. ALT/CTRL + “P” – Used to create or delete Parent/Child relationships.
  22. “N” key – Function to display the info of an object in numeric form.
  23. Ctrl + “J” – Function to merge objects.
  24. Alt + “A” – Function to run the animation.
  25. “F” key – Function to create an edge in “edit mode”.
  26. “W” key – Boolean expression for joining or slicing 2 or more objects.
  27. “X” or Delete – Used to delete objects, vertices, or edges.
  28. F1 = Load Files.
  29. F2 = Save.
  30. F3 = Save Image.
  31. F4 = Lamp Buttons.
  32. F5 = Material Buttons.
  33. F6 = Texture Buttons.
  34. F7 = Animation Buttons.
  35. F8 = Real Time Buttons.
  36. F9 = Edit Buttons.
  37. F10 = Display Buttons.
  38. F11 = Last Render.
  39. F12 = Renders.
  40. “I” key – Used to enter animation.
  41. ALT + “U” – Function to display “Global Undo Command”.
  42. ALT + “C” – Function to convert into meshes, text and curves.
  43. Shift + Space – Serves to display the entire screen or only on the active viewport.
  44. Ctrl + “0” – Function to select a camera.

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