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Tecnology NewsHow to Make a Ramadan 2022 Greeting Card

How to Make a Ramadan 2022 Greeting Card

KingdomTaurusNews.com – To welcome the holy month of Ramadan 2022, you can send a Ramadan greeting card, such as “Happy worship Ramadan 2022 1443 H”.

To make it more interesting, you can make Ramadan 2022 greeting cards on Android or iPhone through the application to make it easier.

Here’s how to make a Ramadan 2022 greeting card:

  1. Download the Canva app for Android on the Play Store or App Store for iOS/iPhone
  2. Register or log in with a Canva account
  3. In the search field at the top type, Ramadan Cards.
  4. Choose a Ramadan greeting card template
  5. Click the “+” icon in the lower left corner
  6. You can add text or other
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After saving the Ramadan 2022 greeting card, it can be shared on social media or chat on WhatsApp, Telegram and other applications.

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