4 Main Causes of Smartphones Can Explode

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Smartphones / cellphones with exploding problems are rare but you have to be careful, there are several main causes of cellphones being used can explode suddenly.

Of course, from an exploding cell phone, you may experience serious burns to the hands or other areas. Here are some of the main causes of smartphones exploding, which need attention.

1. Battery Damage

Batteries are often the trigger for explosions in cellphones, in some cases cellphones explode maybe because the quality of the battery is defective or the battery needs to be replaced with a new one.

2. Overheat

Phones that are played for too long to overheat such as playing games can become serious problems, such as explosions. In addition, cellphones stored in pants pockets, or in hot places are certainly not recommended so that an explosion on the cellphone does not occur.

3. Hardware Damage

This damage is usually caused, if the phone has been disassembled in an inadvertent way, or objects that can cause hardware or hardware damage such as water that can be shorted.

4. Using Original Charger

Original charger is recommended to use, to prevent damage to the phone. Fear of using an unrecommended charger to cause an explosion on the phone.

What do you think, are there other causes that can cause a smartphone to explode suddenly?

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