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How to Make a GIF on Twitter, Without an App on Tweet

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Creating GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) images on Twitter is now a new way, for fun tweets by sharing GIF format on Twitter homepage.

The GIF feature is already available in the iOS version of the Twitter application used by iPhone/iPad. How to make a GIF on Twitter is also easy to try as follows.

How to Make a GIF Image on Twitter

  1. Twitter app updates
  2. Login with Twitter account
  3. Click the Compose Tweet button (plus icon)
  4. Select the Camera menu (camera icon) in the tweet menu
  5. Tap on GIF, can change settings for front and back camera at the top
  6. Press the GIF capture button
  7. Tap Use GIF
  8. Or click Retake to repeat
  9. Click Tweet
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GIF images on Twitter that have been sent will be seen by followers, for now it is not known when the GIF feature will be available on Android.

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