What is Tier in Mobile Legends MLBB

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Tier ML (Mobile Legends) is a ranking in the Mobile Legends game, which is divided from the lowest tier to the highest tier, namely Mythic.

To raise the Mobile Legends tier, players must win the ranked game mode which is usually called push rank with a random team or party.

Mobile Legends Tier List

  1. Warrior
  2. Elite
  3. Master
  4. Grand Master
  5. Epic
  6. Legend
  7. Mythic
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Starting from the MLBB tier, Warrior to Master are usually occupied by novice players and do not fully understand how to play. In the next tier to Mythic, players usually understand including items and how to use heroes in each role which usually has uniqueness and difficulties in using Mobile Legends hero skills.

Every Mobile Legends tier reset or season change, players starting at Master will get Mobile Legends season skins for free to own.

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