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How to Remove Capcut Watermark in Template, EASY

KingdomTaurusNews.com – You can remove the Capcut watermark in the template, the Capcut text in the top right corner of the template turns out to be a little annoying for the videos that are made.

You can try the Capcut template, through the Capcut video editing application there are templates that users can choose from with a variety of interesting video templates.

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How to remove Capcut watermark in template

  1. Open the Capcut video app
  2. Click the Template menu in Capcut
  3. Choose one of the Capcut templates
  4. Click Use Template at bottom right
  5. Select video/photo in gallery
  6. Click Export on the top right
  7. Tap Export without watermark
    menghilangkan watermark Capcut di template
    Capcut template
  8. Wait for the Capcut video process to finish

After successfully exporting, the created video will remove the Capcut watermark in the template used previously and can be uploaded on TikTok.

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