How to Create Facebook Reels, Release on Android and iOS – Finally Facebook Reels is released for more than 150 countries worldwide, and is available for users with iOS and Android operating systems.

Facebook Reels has a variety of features to try, from Remixing an existing video, creating Reels up to 60 seconds, creating Reels and selecting “Save As Draft”, and Video Clipping. In addition, through Facebook’s official announcements, video creators can also make money from Facebook Reels.

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How to Make Facebook Reels

how to facebook reels
facebook reels
  1. Facebook app updates
  2. Login to your Facebook account
  3. In the “Home” section, at the top of Facebook there are Reels between the Stories and Rooms tabs
  4. Click “Create Reels+”
  5. You can record or upload videos
  6. Edit Facebook Reels . video
  7. Select “Next”
  8. Write your Facebook Reels description
  9. Select audiences from everyone (Public), friends only (Friends), and friends with exceptions (Friends except)
  10. Click “Share Reel”
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Facebook Reels can be liked or liked, commented on, and shared like features on Instagram.

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