How to Ping Google on CMD Laptop, Android, and iPhone – You can ping internet connection or ping Google on Android smartphones of all brands and ping Google on iPhone and ping Google on CMD computer/PC.

What is Ping Google

Ping is a tool to check the connection between two devices. For example, pinging Google is like sending a message to Google. Later, it will appear how long it takes for the ping to get a reply and find out whether the internet connection used is running smoothly or not. For Android smartphones or iPhones, users can use emulator applications such as CMD on a PC/computer.

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How to Ping Google on Android

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Install Termux
  • Open the Termux app
  • type, ping and enter
  • Google ping process will run

How to Ping Google on iPhone

  • Open the App Store
  • Install the Pingify app
  • Ping the internet

How to Ping Google on CMD Computer / PC

  • Open the CMD application (CMD+R, type cmd and enter)
  • Type ping
  • ping will run
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If an error message occurs, when pinging, it could be that the pinged website is down or internet access is having problems.

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