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How to Turn Off Camera Sound on iPhone, Latest!

KingdomTaurusNews.com – The sound of the iPhone camera in certain situations is likely to annoy others, luckily there is a way to turn off the camera sound on the iPhone.

There are several ways to turn off the camera sound on iPhone, although there is no quick way to turn off the iPhone camera sound.

Mute iPhone camera sound with Live Photo

  • Open the iPhone camera app
  • Click the dotted round icon (Live Photo icon) at the top right
  • “Live” will appear.
  • Take a photo with a click of the iPhone camera button
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Turn off iPhone camera sound using silent mode

  • Slide the Silent button like a switch on the right side of the iPhone
  • Point the button to the orange color
  • iPhone goes to silent mode
  • In silent mode, camera sounds, calls and notifications will be muted, and only vibrate.

After following the steps to mute the camera on your iPhone, you should be able to capture images without the annoying sound.

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