How to Remove Stickers from WhatsApp – WhatsApp stickers can be used to make chats more interesting, you can send funny stickers on the WhatsApp application, because you are bored or there are too many how to delete stickers in the WhatsApp application.

You don’t need an additional application, when you want to delete WA stickers that have been added through the application or from Telegram. Here’s a quick way to delete stickers on WA.

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How to delete stickers on WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp app
  • Open a chat
  • Click the smiley emoji, on the left next to “Send message”
  • Tap the plus sign “+” to the right of the WA sticker list
  • Click the My Sticker tab
  • Tap the trash can icon (delete icon)
  • Click “Delete”

After clicking delete, the WhatsApp sticker will be deleted from the WhatsApp sticker list. Have you tried removing stickers on WhatsApp?.

To add new WA stickers, WhatsApp application users can download sticker applications that are already widely available in the official application store.

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