Danger! Fake Windows 11 Found Contains RedLine Malware

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Fake Windows 11 upgrade installer found, to Windows 10 users containing malware called RedLine.

Reporting from KingdomTaurusNews from BleepingComputer (2/13/2022), it is known that RedLine thieves are currently taking passwords, browser cookies, credit card, and cryptocurrency wallet info.

Further reports, said via researchers at threatresearch.ext.hp.com, that the thief used the domain “windows-upgraded.com” and it looked like a genuine Microsoft site and, if clicked on the ‘Download Now’ button, contained a 1.5 MB ZIP named Windows11InstallationAssistant.zip.

Decompressing the file results in a 753MB folder, this file is a RedLine thief payload that connects to a command-and-control server via TCP for instructions to run next.

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