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How to Fix Smartphone Battery Draining Fast And Battery Healthy

KingdomTaurusNews.com – The use of smartphone batteries often experiences problems, such as smartphone batteries that drain quickly, to cellphone batteries that are wasteful.

As the most important part of a smartphone device, users must understand how to deal with a rapidly draining cellphone battery.

Turn off background data usage

Users can turn off background data usage, by going to settings – apps – select apps – mobile data – then turn off background data. You can also install apps to set background data.

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Set screen brightness

For those of you who use screen brightness, too bright will certainly have an impact on high battery usage. We recommend using automatic screen brightness, if you are outdoors when the sun is high.

Check battery health

Use the battery health application to check the health of the cellphone battery, some of the latest smartphones are usually equipped with this feature from the factory.

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Compare battery usage

Go to settings and check battery usage, yesterday and today. Usually it will bring up the applications that consume the most battery usage.

Doing updates

Update your smartphone to the latest version if it’s available, it’s possible that the battery that’s dropping could be due to a bug from the phone.

Avoid using the cellphone until it’s hot

Playing games often makes the temperature on the smartphone higher, even using the cooling system. How to use it like this, it’s normal to make the battery condition more wasteful.

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These tips should be known to users, because now almost every latest smartphone comes with a non-removable battery model and is difficult to replace yourself.

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