How to Find out Discord ID, on Android / iPhone – Want to see your own Discord account ID on Android / iPhone?, Discord is a service for chatting via video, text and files in a community, which is often used by gamers.

Almost every game developer has a Discord community, they are connected to each other to share experiences, bug reporting, media information in the game community.

Have you ever been confused, when you want to know your Discord ID, of course there is a way you can follow to check your Discord ID and others.

How to Find out Discord ID

  • Open the Discord app
  • Tap your profile photo icon, bottom right
  • Scroll down, select Behavior
  • Enable Developer Mode
  • Open one of the following communities
  • Tap the profile icon, top right
  • Select the user account for which you want to see the Discord ID
  • Scroll down, click Copy ID in the Developer Mode section

The Discord ID that has been copied can be pasted or pasted into a note to find out how many Discord IDs are. Every Discord user, of course, has a different Discord ID.

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