How to Repost Instagram Stories (IG) Friends and Others – You can repost Instagram (IG) stories, other people’s accounts and friends, it’s quite easy. Adding a friend’s Instagram story, surely you’ve seen users who repost.

How to Repost IG Stories, Other People / Friends

  • Open Instagram
  • Go to story tag or mention you
  • A “Add to your story” or “Add This to Your Story” option will appear.
  • Will enter the Instagram story view on your account
  • You can add text, stickers, emoji and more
  • Then post like when making an Instagram story
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How to Repost Instagram Stories, Other People via DM Messages

  • Open DM on your instagram account
  • Open the DM message that says “…mentioned you in story” Click the “Add to your story” option
  • You can make edits by adding text, stickers, emojis and more
  • You can post as usual

How to Repost IG Stories, from Posts or Feeds

  • Open instagram
  • Find the post in the feed that you want to repost on Instagram stories
  • Click the paper airplane icon below the post
  • Click “Add Post to Your Story” or “Add to your story”
  • Will enter the Instagram story view
  • You can do editing, add stickers and more
  • Then post an Instagram story as usual
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