How to Make a Telegram Bot Without Coding, Easy! – Using Telegram bots is very helpful for Telegram group and channel admins for account development, is there a way to make Telegram bots without coding.

Of course, Telegram bots aren’t created instantly for developers, but if you don’t understand how to build a Telegram bot from scratch, there’s an easy way you can follow to create a Telegram bot without coding.

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How to Make a Telegram Bot Without Coding

Telegram bots can be created without coding, using the services of BotFather, here’s how

  • Open the Telegram app
  • In the search box, Type botfather and select the blue tick bot
  • Click BotFather and click start
  • Then tap /newbot
  • Enter new bot name
  • Create a bot username like tesbot, which ends in bot.
  • You will get API token to access bot API
  • Link bots like,
  • Telegram bot without coding successfully created
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