How to Send Money on Twitter Via Bitcoin and Patreon – You can support Twitter users, by giving money on Twitter. This feature is known as Twitter Tips, you can send tips available via Bitcoin and Patreon.

There are several Twitter Tips policies, such as having to be 18 years old, content on Twitter that doesn’t violate and other policies that Twitter has issued for the Twitter Tips feature.

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How to Send Money on Twitter Tips

  1. Open the Twitter app
  2. Tap the profile photo at the top left
  3. Click edit profile
  4. Scroll down, click Tips
  5. Tap the Allow tip button, it turns blue (feature will be active)
  6. Two options available via Bitcoin or Patreon
  7. Choose one, for example Patreon
  8. Write the username and click save
  9. Tap back and click save again at the top right
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Creators receive 100% of payments made, using third-party payment options. When the Twitter Tips feature is active, in the profile section there will be a Money icon.

To give money to a Twitter user, you simply click on the Money icon and choose via Bitcoin or Patreon. This feature can be used for profiles in private or public mode.

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