5 PC Browsers (Computers), Lightweight Apart from the Latest Chrome

KingdomTaurusNews.com – For those of you who are Windows 7 users, on PCs or computers that can no longer use the Chrome browser, there are several lightweight browsers that can be used to surf the Internet.

This lightweight PC browser recommendation for potato computers is even equipped with interesting features to use. The use of RAM on the computer is also more efficient than the Chrome browser.
Here are 5 PC browsers (Computers), the lightest besides Chrome.

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Opera browser is very popular on mobile, even PC users also rely on this browser to surf the internet. Opera browser has features such as VPN and Ad Block to block ads on accessed websites.

Tor Browser

One of the browsers that is relied upon to surf the internet while maintaining privacy, Tor Browser can be used and certainly doesn’t use up a lot of RAM like Chrome.

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Vivaldi browser offers a variety of features for its users, not inferior to the Opera and Chrome browsers as browsers known to PC users.

Mozilla Firefox Quantum

This browser made by Mozilla can be used on potato PCs to reduce RAM usage in heavy browsers. Mozilla Firefox Quantum is also presented to users with various features for surfing the internet.

Microsoft Edge

As a rival to Chrome on the PC browser, Microsoft Edge can also be used for those of you who have a potato computer. RAM usage is also not too large compared to the browser from Google.

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