Size of Twitter Profile Photo and Twitter Header Without Cropping – When changing your Twitter profile photo or Twitter header, have you ever experienced that the uploaded photo/image is cut off. Twitter has set a size so that photos uploaded for profile and header photos will not be cropped.

Here’s the size of the Twitter profile photo and Twitter header, tested via the site, the Twitter app for iOS or Twitter for Android.

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Twitter Profile Photo and Twitter Header Size

  1. Twitter profile photo dimensions are 400×400 pixels.
  2. Twitter header dimensions are 1500×500 pixels.
  3. The maximum file size for a profile photo is 2MB.
  4. Supports JPEG, and PNG file formats.

Twitter also explained that when a user uses a profile photo that displays nudity, it will be removed. Also, if you’re having problems uploading, you can try updating your browser version to the latest one, or using a different browser.

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