How to Fix, Instagram Videos No Sound on Android and iPhone – When playing a video on Instagram (reel, IGTV, live video) and experiencing a video with no sound, there are several steps you can try to make your Instagram video listenable.

Here’s how to fix Instagram video no sound:

Not Mute on Instagram Videos

When watching an Instagram video, the crisp italic speaker icon means to mute the sound while the speaker icon without the audio slash on the Instagram video is on. You just click the screen while watching a video, the speaker icon will automatically appear.

Reboot Android or iPhone

Another way is to reboot their various Android smartphones and their iPhones.

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Instagram app updates

Updating the Instagram application on the Play Store or App Store, you can try to fix no sound on Instagram videos when playing.

Make sure the Smartphone Volume is on

Often, smartphone users turn off the volume like silent mode to focus more. You can press the volume up button to turn on the sound or increase the volume.

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Turn off power saving mode and clear Instagram cache

You can do both ways, the latest smartphones are now equipped with a power saving mode with some features turned off by the system. In addition, you can clear the Instagram cache with the help of an application like CCleaner, or go to settings – applications – select Instagram – click clear cache.

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