12th Gen Intel Core “Alder Lake” Processor Announced

KingdomTaurusNews.com – At the CES 2022 event, Intel launched a 12th Gen Intel Core processor under the name Alder Lake consisting of the S-series and H-series.

12th Gen Intel Core desktop (S-series) processors, for IoT up to 1.36 times faster in single-thread, up to 1.35 times faster in multi-threading, up to 1.94 times faster in graphics performance and up to 2.81 times faster GPU image classification inference compared to 10th Gen Intel Core.

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12th Gen Intel Core processor with Intel UHD Graphics 770 driven by Intel Xe architecture, supports virtual display. PCIe 5.0/PCIe 4.0 and DDR5/DDR4 memory support.

Meanwhile, the Alder Lake H-series, the 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors for IoT, are 1.04 times faster in single-thread performance, up to 1.18 times faster in multithreaded performance and up to 2.29 times faster. faster in graphics performance than the 11th Gen Intel Core.

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Intel also announced the U-series and P-series of 12th Gen Intel Core processors with TDP ranges from 15W to 28W.

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