How to Create Automated Message Replies on TikTok Business – TikTok users who use Business accounts instead of private mode, can activate two features with functions for welcome messages, and auto-reply messages according to keywords like bots.

Here’s how to create automatic message replies in the TikTok app:

  1. Open the TikTok app
  2. On the Profile menu, click the third row on the top right
  3. Choose Business Suite
  4. Select Message Settings
  5. Activate the “Welcome Message” button
  6. In the message menu, add a “Welcome Message” for example, “Welcome to our stall!!!
  7. Tap the Send button – send.
  8. Wait for a review from the TikTok team.
  9. Switch to feature 2.
  10. Under “Keyword auto-reply” enable the toggle.
  11. In the message, tap Add.
  12. In the “Keyword” column, enter short keywords such as Price, Color and others.
  13. In the Message column, fill in the answers that match the keywords added, such as Price IDR 17 million + bonus.
  14. Tap the Send button – send.
  15. You can add other keywords to the add button, as above and wait for a review from the TikTok team.
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When the above two features are completed activate and set the message according to the TikTok account, which is being developed. The results of the TikTok team’s review can be seen in the inbox menu next to the profile at the top of the white bell icon. Good Luck!!.

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