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This is the Danger of the “Add Yours” Instagram Stories Sticker, You Must Know!

KingdomTaurusNews.com – Indonesian Instagram users, must have known the feature on the “Add Yours” or “Your reply” sticker for Instagram Stories.

This feature looks interesting and has even become a trend in IG user stories, and is currently in the trial phase in Indonesia and Japan. You can follow the topic that is being raised through the sticker, such as the last photo in the gallery or photos while on vacation.

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Photos that have been uploaded to the “Add Yours” sticker can also be seen by other followers who are participating in the topic. But do you know, if these stickers are quite dangerous and can be misused.

Irresponsible people can collect information to identify a person called Profiling. This information can be from addresses, personal data such as full names, biometric data, which can be used for fraud and extortion.

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To avoid your personal data being collected and misused, start by securing personal data and be careful even though trends on social media are very interesting to follow.

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