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Aplikasi dan Game Terbaik di Play Store 2022, Ada Apex Legends Mobile

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KingdomTaurusNews.com – Google Play telah mengumumkan aplikasi dan game terbaik untuk tahun 2022, dan menambahkan penghargaan baru untuk aplikasi dan game terbaik untuk Chromebook.

Pengguna juga bisa, menemukan pemenang dari negara tertentu di bagian Terbaik 2022 di Play Store melalui link ini (https://play.google.com/best-of-2022).

Berikut daftar aplikasi dan game terbaik di AS, yang dipilih oleh tim editorial Google Play.

Best overall app and game

Best App: Dream by WOMBO
Best Game: Apex Legends Mobile

Users’ choice

App: BeReal
Game: Apex Legends Mobile

Best apps of 2022

Best for Fun: PetStar
Honorable mentions: DanceFitMe, noteIt widget

Best for Personal Growth: Breathwrk
Honorable mentions: Duolingo ABC, Gym Log & Workouts, Ukulele by Yousician

Best Everyday Essentials: Plant Parent
Honorable mentions: Book Morning Routine Waking Up, Daily Diary, Sleep Tracker

Best Hidden Gems: Recover Athletics
Honorable mentions: Linktree, Little Lunches, Wamble

Best Apps for Good: The STIGMA App
Honorable mentions: Sleep Fruits, Zario

Best for Wear: Todoist
Best for Tablets: Pocket
Best for Chromebooks (new category): BandLab


Best games of 2022

Best Multiplayer: Dislyte
Honorable Mentions: Apex Legends Mobile, Catalyst Black, Diablo Immortal, Rocket League Sideswipe

Best Pick Up & Play: Angry Birds Journey
Honorable Mentions: Gun & Dungeons, HOOK 2, Hyde and Seek, quadline

Best Indies: Dicey Dungeons
Honorable mentions: Dungeons of Dreadrock, Knotwords, One Hand Clapping, Phobies

Best Story (new category): Papers, Please
Honorable Mentions: DEEMO II, Inua – A Story in Ice and Time, The Secret of Cat Island, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Best Ongoing (new category): Genshin Impact
Honorable Mentions: Candy Crush Saga, Garena Free Fire, Pokémon GO, Roblox

Best on Play Pass (new category): Very Little Nightmares
Honorable Mentions: Bridge Constructor, Final Fantasy VII, Linelight, Path of Giants

Best for Tablets: Tower of Fantasy
Honorable Mentions: Angry Birds Journey, Catalyst Black, Diablo Immortal, Papers, Please

Best for Chromebooks (new category): Roblox

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