Beranda Other Blocking Whatsapp In China After Google And Facebook

Blocking Whatsapp In China After Google And Facebook

Blocking Whatsapp In China After Google And Facebook
Whatsapp block in China

The World’s Largest Messenger Message Messages Whatsapp Is Fully Blocked In The Chinese Government After Facebook and Google Disallow.

Whatsapp has been blocked last July in China and finally text messaging is also added to this List. Bock Reasons It seems that Whatsapp offers end-to-end encryption that provides unattainable capabilities even to the Government.

The blocking of Whatsapp Parent and Social Media Gaint Facebook was banned seven years earlier in China but still, Facebook is trying to get into the China Market by developing a Chinese version of the Private Photo Sharing App called Colorful Balloons. Buinconspicuously Distributes Under a Chinese company Called Youge Internet Technology and It is not clear that China knows the Project or not.

China May Upgrade its Protocol to Detect and Block Socket Strongery Socket protocol used Whatsapp to send and receive text.

The main reason for this Target is that Whatsapp Provides Strong End-to-End Encryption that helps keep Messages Private and Whatsapp Always Refused to Provide Details About Personal Chat Information to Government of any Country.

But unlike other Chinese Chinese applications like WeChat which always provide all the personal data into the Chinese government which already has 963 million active users.


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