Gmail Updates Change The Address and Phone Number So a Link

Gmail Updates Change The Address and Phone Number So a Link

Gmail finally change the addresses and phone numbers into links.

When someone sends you a alamt email, you don’t have to copypaste again in maps after looking at your Inbox.

Offered from Engadget (20/9/2017), Google has done their email application pembarunafunction to modify the address, phone number, and email address into a hyperlink.

This will be a good update for gmail users,
especially since most other email applications have made contact details more easily clicked for a long time now.
With this update, you can click the address to see it in Google Maps, email address to automatically open a window and the phone number of your default email application to initiate a call in the phone application is the default if you using your mobile phone.

Phone and phone number will appear as the hyperlink are you using Android and iOS on mobile or web on your computer.
You will not be able to make calls, but you can launch Google Maps and start a new emailin your PC with just one click.
Engadget tells it, that we have been testing this feature and can confirm that active now, but if it doesn’t work, don’t worry.

Google says it takes up to three days for rolling it out completely.


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